A & P's Scarlett Raspberry

Breeding planned for 2012. Upcoming breeding

OFA Cardiac Normal BU-CA419/46F/P-VPI

OFA Patella Normal BU-PA297/46F/P-VPI

CHIC # 66984

Scarlett became a member of the family when she was just 9 weeks old. She is a beautiful, healthy, red brindle girl with a very gentle, loving temperament. Scarlett had her first show when she was 8 months old.

Scarlett is a typical bulldog. She's a big cuddler and can usually be found on someone's lap or at their feet, snoring and passing gas! But don't let her fool you, she can MOVE... loves wrestling with the other bullies and chasing her jolly ball. Scarlett loves being the center of attention and gets a long great with everyone she meets. 

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